"Fuckin beautiful !!! They just wanna make their sound of music."
- Dougie Bowne (drummer/composer/producer)

"I love Atsumi's voice. It cast me under a spell! A lot of potential and their music is deeply fantastic." - Daisuke Hinata (producer/composer)


"Celebrating truly beautiful chill out acoustics, the band combine them with a magnetic vocalist who can only attract you...Their talent is undoubted yet their music is still in the early stages" - First Play Music UK


"Their music is great and epic." - Brian Carter (Grammy Award nominated Jazz drummer)

"This band is the real thing. So beautiful and powerful."
- Senri Oe (Jazz composer/Jazz pianist)

"They amazes me with the exciting quality of their compositions. Their female singer Atsumi is a very unique and a lot of charisma with a wonderful singing technique. Their guitarist Masashi is amazing, technically accomplished and tasteful."
- Luiz Simas (Brazilian composer/pianist)

"... I was fascinated by their acoustic powerful sound... intriguing textures.."
- NY Japion Magazine

"Great music-making professionalism. Their music is very new, viscerally stunning, and comforting" - Hi-Fi Record

"Her voice has one of the most inviting voices around today..."
- Western Tokyo FM Radio



New York City-based indie baroque pop outfit Robin’s Egg Blue formed in 2009 around the main talents of Japan-born, Atsumi Ishibashi - vocals/ukulele/synth and Masashi Ishiura - guitar. They are an officially-recognized band of MUNY program which is conducted by MTA New York City Transit..

In 2011 a first EP produced by Dougie Bowne, Songbird, was released. Robin’s Egg Blue began performing for developing their live show in the city as they went. In 2012, they appeared a large jazz festival, Jazz in July, in city of New Rochelle. The year 2013 was full of touring, with appearances at larger festivals in Japan like SUMMER SONIC, Himming Fes, and One Music Camp Festival.

In August 2013, a second EP, DEER, was released. They received The Google Award by Google; that benefited collaboration project with Youtube, and their video of live session from Youtube Space Tokyo was released.

In October 2014, they embarked on Circlefield Japan Tour 2014, touring seven major cites in Japan. In 2015 a full album, Circlefield, was released worldwide.

New Release

New Album "Circlefield" available on Official Store(physical CD) and Bandcamp (Digital)